ConnectZone Consulting: Promoting environments of human connection, open communication, collegial collaboration, trust, compassion and tolerance

What we do

Specialized in the public education system and in building connectedness in schools, communities, organizations and families, we work with professionals, educators, community agencies, children, youth and families to build safe, warm, supportive, inclusive places.

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Workshops, training and consultation

Building your mission statement: towards connectedness.
What is a mission statement? Why is it important? What are the components of a mission statement that is strong in connectedness?

Connectedness in school communities
This interactive 1 day workshop is ideal for school staff interested in building safe, inclusive, connected school communities.

Beyond schools: building connectedness in your organization
An interactive day to explore how to build connectedness in your business or organization.

Staff development

Working with hope: building connectedness in schools
A 3-part series of interactive workshops that explores the literature on resilience, strategies and ideas designed to facilitate connectedness for all students. These practical workshops provide opportunities to explore how to incorporate protective factors into practice, facilitate connectedness, assess and plan for support for students with challenging behaviours and discuss strategies that can be used as part of the differentiated classroom to support all learners. They provide a chance to reflect on your practice. Participants can attend one, more than one or all of the workshops.

The 3-part series comprises:

  1.  Connectedness, vulnerable children and youth: This interactive workshop explores the literature on resilience and connectedness, and presents the protective factors that have been identified to be present for vulnerable students. Discussion and activities provide participants with the opportunity to talk about incorporating protective factors into their practice. (3 hours)
  2. Understanding behaviour: Attending to attachment issues and learning profiles of students, this workshop explores some ideas for understanding ‘stuck’ or ‘challenging’ behaviours presented by at risk students. Participants will learn how to develop student plans that attend to relational supports for students with ‘challenging’ behaviours. (3 hours)
  3. Creating connectedness in schools: Attending to protective factors related to connectedness and belonging, this interactive workshop invites participants to further explore strategies and ideas to facilitate communities of care. (6 hours)

A day with educational assistants: Learn from educational assistants how to explore connectedness in school communities. (6 hours – half-day available)

Non-violent crisis intervention: This one-day workshop teaches an effective behaviour management system that enables you to safely and confidently, with the least amount of anxiety, intervene with disruptive, out of control or assaultive individuals. You’ll learn verbal strategies to facilitate connectedness, help de-escalate ‘acting-out’ individuals as well as physical control and restraint techniques that emphasize care, safety, welfare and security of the people in our care. This workshop leads to certification through the Crisis Prevention Institute. Participants are required to purchase a workbook.  A 3-hour refresher workshop is also available to those individuals whose certification has expired.

The Prepare School Crisis Prevention and Intervention curriculum:  The Prepare (2nd Edition) training curriculum is integrated safety and crisis training developed by and for school professionals. It provides training for school personnel in crisis prevention preparedness, response and recovery procedures with a special emphasis on the role of school based mental health professionals and school counsellors.

Workshop 1.  Crisis prevention and preparedness: comprehensive school safety planning (second edition)

Learn how to establish and sustain comprehensive school safety efforts. Specific attention will be given to developing, exercising and evaluating safety/crisis teams and plans. The workshop also addresses issues associated with the media, special needs students, culture and memorials. From this workshop, participants will be better able to improve school climate, student behaviour and academic functioning, student resilience and school staff member crisis response capabilities. Bring your whole school crisis team to this training.

Workshop 2.  Crisis intervention and recovery: the roles of school-based mental health professionals/counsellors (second edition)

Learn how to meet the needs of students and staff following a school-associated crisis event. The workshop covers how to prevent and prepare for psychological trauma, help to reaffirm students’ perceptions that they are safe and secure, evaluate the level of traumatic impact and respond to the variety of psychological needs of members of the school community. The workshop is an excellent course for all mental health professionals in your district who respond to crises.

Parent counselling and education 

Are you struggling to relate to your child? Do you feel you are losing your grip on your child?  Not sure of what to do? Individual counselling sessions (1 hour) can be arranged as well as half and full day workshops on these topics:

    1. Connecting with your child. This individual session/group workshop explores your relationship with your child and how you can deepen your relationship with him.
    2. Individual or group session(s): strategies to win your child back. This session goes deeper to focus on how you repair/rebuild your relationship with your child.

ConnectZone certification: ‘train the trainer’ series

In addition to the above 3 sessions, take the following 2 sessions to receive certification as a ConnectZone.

Understanding ConnectZones: This workshop addresses the components of a ConnectZone and the necessary steps to become certified as a ConnectZone. (6 hours)

Becoming a ConnectZone: Learn to transform your classroom, school, business or organization into a ConnectZone. Participants will be specific about turning their space into a ConnectZone and will receive stickers, posters and other materials to indicate their certification. (6 hours)

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