Tools for Connectedness

This section is a work in progress, constantly being developed to bring to light the many tools, inventories, models, lessons and much more we can use to build connectedness in our schools and beyond. I look forward to hearing about the wonderful tools you have developed. Here are a few of mine.


Is your classroom/school empathic?


? connects students, staff, parents and community.  Invests in people, not just things


? practices empathy, compassion, acceptance


? teaches children how to read and relate


? recharges our batteries


? nurtures a health promoting environment


? encourages self-care


? builds confidence and shields hearts


? solves relationship problems to solve behaviour problems


? attaches children to adult champions


? helps children to name, know and nurture their sparks


? values respect, inclusion, tolerance, diversity


? looks into the child, not just the textbook

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