Bev Ogilvie

Speaker, Educator, Writer, Researcher

A District Counsellor with the Burnaby School District in BC, Canada,
Bev Ogilvie has devoted her career to dealing with the concerns of parents, kids and teachers.



Bev is Associate Professor at City University and temporary instructor at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, BC.  Bev has 30 years of professional teaching experience in public schools, colleges and universities.  She is a Master Instructor with the Crisis Prevention Institute, a member of the BC School Counsellors Association, the National Association of School Psychologists, and the BC Association of School Centered Mental Health Coalition.  She is co-founder of Project Hope and the Collaborative for the Study of Connectedness in School Communities.  Bev was awarded the 2009-2010 British Columbia Registered Clinical Counsellor Professional Care Award for exhibiting special creativity and effectiveness in providing counselling and professional care.

Publications  Building connectedness in schools, 2014Inside Out Media, Vancouver, BC.

Ogilvie, B. and Doonan, J. (2005).  Making the transition:  Elementary to Secondary School.  A Health Canada Project.  Cameray Community Fund.

Mother-Daughter Incest:  A guide for helping professionals.  2004.  Haworth Press, NY.

Why didn’t she love me?  1996. Vancouver, BC.  Hazeldine Press.

Ogilvie, B. and Daniluk, J. (1995).  Common themes in the experiences of mother-daughter incest survivors:  Implications for counselling.  Journal of Counselling and Development, 73, 598-602.

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