Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.


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Cultivating safe, warm, welcoming, supportive, inclusive places.

Helping children, youth and adults develop a sense of
belonging and significance.

If you are an educator, mental health practitioner, social worker, police officer, community agency employee, local business owner, or anyone else who works or lives with children and youth, this website will help you better understand the need for ConnectZones in schools and beyond and how to create them. Connect to books, instruments/inventories, services, workshops, trainings, courses, newsletters, and forums.  Tune in to webinars, share your own ideas, challenges and successes and hear from others about the merits of connectedness.

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Understanding connectedness

The best place to start is to read Bev Ogilvie’s book— building connectedness in schools.

This book is just the start of an evolutionary process of dialogue, designed to support, inspire and promote positive changes in our children’s lives.

This powerful book has a simple, yet profound message that all educators, administrators and school counsellors need to read. It demonstrates the transformative power of relationships and connection in creating a secure bond that enables all children—including the most vulnerable—to thrive. Bev shows us how to cultivate connectedness and to soften our hearts in all our relationships—in our schools, communities and families.
Jill Taggart, PhD, RCC , Professor & Director of Canadian Education Programs, City University of Seattle in Canada

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Tools for connectedness

This section is a work in progress, constantly being developed to bring to light the many tools, inventories, models, lessons and much more we can use to build connectedness in our schools and beyond.  I look forward to hearing about the wonderful tools you have developed.  Here are a few of mine.


Training and consultation

Specialized in the public education system and in building connectedness in schools, communities, organizations and families, we work with professionals, educators, community agencies, children, youth and families to build safe, warm, supportive, inclusive places. Find out more here…


Building from the heart

For a long time, Bev Ogilvie has been attempting to open doors and break down walls, nurture the courage and conviction to create change and transform school communities. Much of her focus has been on the importance of a balanced education system that emphasizes the head and the heart. More…

We are all in this together

We can build wonderful ConnectZones in our schools and communities that will lead to a society that we all want. Whatever your role in life, make your voice heard. Together we can create the change we want, so share your ideas on the blog and take part in our forum.

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